• Life Coaching

    A great coach is crucial to successfully reaching any goal. Ask any championship sports team. It is not just the star player, but the coach that directed and prepared them for the opportunity to express their gift. Here, you have access to the same techniques and tools provided my one-on-one coaching clients so you too can reset your life to be the best You possible.

  • Mindset Reset

    When you change the way you think, you change everything about your life. Your perspective, your approach, your response vs. reaction, and ability to achieve anything is all affected by your mindset. Here, you will find strategies and tools to help click the reset button.

  • Motivation

    Sometimes it is challenging generating the fuel needed to get up and attack the day with purpose and power. Here, you will find continually updated words and videos of encouragement to serve as fuel to ignite the fire within you. You have support. You can do this.

FREE Gifts for You

These gifts are completely free to you with your enrollment in this course. They will help you achieve your reset.

  • CTRL ALT DEL: How to Reset Your Life eBook

    Enjoy the book that birthed this course. Read in-depth about the tools and strategies that can help you reach personal and professional success.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session

    Schedule a 30-minute coaching session with Denise any time during the course, to gain clarity and direction as you work to achieve your goals.

Inside the Course

  • 1
    • Let's Start the Reset
    • What You Need to Get Started
  • 2
    Transform Your Mind
    • You Must First Transform Your Mind
    • Identify Your Self-Defeating Thoughts
    • "I Feel" vs "I Know"
    • Audit Your Mindset
  • 3
    Clear Your Vision
    • Time to Clear Your Vision
    • Identify Your Core Values
    • Crafting Your Personal Vision Statement
    • Perception vs Perspective
  • 4
    Learn a New Language
    • Learning a New Language
    • Words Have Power
    • Strong Words or Weak Words
    • Create Affirmations
  • 5
    Design Your Life's Strategy
    • Design Your Life
    • Identify Your Priorities
    • Turn Your Priorities Into Goals
    • The Goal Getting Process
    • Goal Getting Questions to Consider
  • 6
    The C.E.O. Theory
    • Your Choices
    • Analyze Your Choices
    • Your Education
    • Explore Your Education
    • Your Opportunity
    • Audit Your Opportunities
    • Craft Your Value Statement
  • 7
    Gather Your Tools
    • Gather Your Tools
    • Identify Your Current Tools
    • Exploring New Tools
  • 8
    Find Your Community
    • Find Your Community
    • Identify Your Community
  • 9
    Don't Quit
    • DON'T QUIT
    • Don't Quit text
    • Everyday, One Thing
    • Your Greatest Challenge
  • 10
    Video Encouragement
    • Stay in the Light
    • Don't Assume
    • No Plan B
    • Faith or Works?
    • The Moments Before Manifestation
    • Reflection
    • Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
    • Hold On
    • Be Accountable for Your Choices
    • The Power of Light
  • 11
    • CTRL ALT DEL: How to Reset Your Life eBook
    • Links
    • Recommended Reading
    • How to Lay Your Business Foundation
    • Plan the Work, Work the Plan 28-Day Journal