• Develop as a Speaker

    Learn the structure of an effective speech that engages and captivates your audience. Explore ways that create vivid illustrations that pulls your audience in and takes them on a journey. Learn how to protect your instrument and develop the proper mechanics of speaking.

  • Grow Your Business

    Learn how to take your passion to speak, and turn it into revenue that can help create the life you want, while help changing lives. Develop a list of "low hanging fruit," or products that will yield quick results, and create a plan for generating greater wealth through your products and services. Discover how to identify and connect with your consumer audience.

  • Create (Re)Usable Content

    From publishing a book to creating social media content, learn how to turn your message and mission into usable and reusable content that can engage your audience beyond the stage and generate revenue streams.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Developing Your Message/Content
    • It Starts With the Process
    • The Communication Process
    • The Anatomy of a Speech
    • Anatomy of a Speech
    • Developing the Message
    • Change Your Perception About Content
    • NY Times Best-Selling Author & Speaker, Jason Reynolds on Telling Your Story
  • 2
    Delivering Your Message/Content
    • Prepare Your Instrument
    • Enunciation & Articulation
    • How to Care for Your Throat & Voice
    • Vocal Warm Ups
    • Take Your Audience on a Journey
    • Be Prepared to Deliver
    • Speaker Tips from Dr. Willie Jolley
  • 3
    Your Products
    • You Are a Content Expert
    • Is Your Product Viable?
    • Multiple Products from One Message
    • Becoming an Author - Part 1
    • Becoming an Author - Part 2
    • How to ePublish on Kindle
    • How to Use Loom to Publish
    • Jason Reynolds - Author Advice
    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Publish Your Voice
  • 4
    • Becoming an In-Demand Coach
    • Types of Coaches
    • The Coaching Process
    • “Should I Become a Life Coach” Quiz
    • Helpful Articles
    • Coaching Client Questionnaire
  • 5
    Your Business
    • The Business Start-Up Checklist
    • Lay Your Business Foundation
    • The Business of Speaking
    • Setting Business Goals
    • The Marketing Mix for Speakers
    • NY Times Bestselling Author, Jason Reynolds, Shares How to Get Booked
    • To Help You Get & Stay Booked
    • How Do I Price Myself?
    • Streams of Income
    • Never Be Without Income Again Video Training
    • Understanding Sales Funnels
    • 5 Reasons to Collaborate
  • 6
    • Website & Resources
    • Books