• Life Coaching

    Have access to inspiration, motivation, and life strategies that position you for personal growth, goal attainment, and purpose fulfillment.

  • Business Resources

    Utilize tools that will grow your business, focus your goals, and train you to not just run a business, but to build a brand.

  • Communicator Training

    Develop as a speaker, author, and coach with access to numerous tools and resources. Hear from experts in the field and apply proven strategies that will benefit yourself, your clients, and your audience.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Developing Your Message
    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Doing What is Necessary to Publish Your Voice (from NCW Conference)
    • It Starts With the Process
    • The Communication Process
    • The Anatomy of a Speech
    • Anatomy of a Speech
    • Developing the Message
    • NY Times Best-Selling Author & Speaker, Jason Reynolds
  • 2
    Delivering Your Message
    • Prepare Your Instrument
    • Enunciation-Articulation Exercises
    • How to Care for Your Throat & Voice
    • Vocal Warm Ups
    • Take Your Audience on a Journey
    • Be Prepared to Deliver
  • 3
    Your Products
    • You Are a Content Expert
    • Is Your Product Viable?
    • Multiple Products from One Message
    • Becoming and Author 1
    • Becoming an Author 2
    • How to ePublish on Kindle
    • How to Use Loom to Publish
    • Jason Reynolds - Author Advice
  • 4
    Your Business
    • The Business Start-Up Checklist
    • Lay Your Business Foundation
    • The Business of Speaking
    • Change Your Perception About Content
    • How Do I Price Myself?
    • Streams of Income
    • Never Be Without Income Again Video Training
    • Understanding Sales Funnels
    • Results Driven Communication for Business Owners
    • 5 Reasons to Collaborate
    • 3 Ways Artists Waste Money
    • Top 10s for Indie Artists
  • 5
    Media & Marketing
    • Introduction
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • A Bit About Radio
    • The Marketing Mix for Speakers
    • Speaking in Soundbites
    • Technology
    • Demystifying Social Media
  • 6
    Get & Stay Booked
    • To Help You Get & Stay Booked
    • NY Times Bestselling Author, Jason Reynolds, Shares How to Get Booked
    • Get Booked Checklist
    • Willie Jolley on Being a Great Speaker
  • 7
    Goal Getting
    • Goals Setting
    • Plan the Work, Work the Plan
    • Goal Getting Blueprint
    • Goal Worksheet
  • 8
    • Websites
    • Books

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