• Utilizing the Media

    Learn who and what is the media, and discover how to approach media outlets to secure an interview for your product or brand, and maximize the effect of that media opportunity. This includes being effective on social media.

  • Becoming a Wordsmith

    See examples of how to adapt your language to suite various audiences, time constraints, and mediums, without losing your message.

  • Delivering Your Message

    Radio, TV, social media, and more; explore the various forms of media and the various nuances that can affect delivering your message effectively for maximum audience impact and brand building.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    How to Use the Media
    • How to Use the Media Introduction
    • Using the Media Part 1
    • Using the Media Part 2
    • Using the Media Part 3
  • 2
    Marketing & Money
    • The Marketing Mix for Speakers
    • A Bit About Radio
    • How to Speak in Soundbites
    • Streams of Income
    • Understanding Sales Funnels
    • 5 Reasons to Collaborate
    • Helpful Articles
  • 3
    Media & Technology
    • Using Technology
    • Demystifying Social Media
    • More on Social Media
    • Podcast Basics
    • Podcasting Technology
    • About YouTube