This Course Includes

  • Utilizing the Media

    Learn who and how to approach media outlets to secure an interview for your product or brand, and maximize the effect of that media opportunity.

  • Becoming a Wordsmith

    See examples of how to adapt your language to suite audiences, time constraints, and mediums, without losing your message.

  • Delivering Your Message

    Radio, TV, social media, and more; explore the various forms of media and the various nuances that can affect delivering your message and building your brand.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction
    • How to Use the Media (Full PPT)
    • You and The Media
  • 2
    Your Media Options
    • The Media
    • The Media Quiz
  • 3
    Using the Media
    • An Inside Look
    • Delivering Your Message Quiz
  • 4
    Delivering Your Message
    • Word Economy & More
    • Delivering Your Message 2 Quiz