In this training you learn how to:

  • Create a Product

    Income cannot be generated without a product or service of value. This is where many get stuck; either identifying a product/service, or overthinking how to profit from what they already have. This training offers clarity.

  • Find Your Audience

    Not everyone you know if a potential customer. But, there is a collection of people who share the same problem your product was created to solve. Discover how to identify and connect with your consumer audience.

  • Generate Income

    Learn how marketing plays into product success and your ability to generate income. Discover how vital social media is to your promotion and what other vehicles you can use to communicate with and sell to your audience.

More than Just a Video

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    About this Business Training
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    • Lay Your Business Foundation
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What this Costs

This training is completely FREE to you. Whether you are furloughed or just want to create another personal revenue stream, we want you to have the tools needed to build your success.