It is time to take your career as a professional speaker to it next level.

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  • Monetize Your Message

    Learn how to effectively sell product from the stage, how to create revenue opportunities from your from your usual speaker and personal activities, and the system needed to automate monetization.

  • Everything Marketing

    Gain a ton of marketing insight to help you further your name, brand, and message. Learn how identify your audience, appeal to them, and discover the process to walk them up to your register to purpose.

  • Ease of Creating Products

    Stop letting overthinking and fear keep you from producing profitable products. It is easier than you think to write and publish a book, start a podcast, host events, create workbooks and launch courses and more.

Course curriculum

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    Course Introduction
  • 2
    Week 1: The Blueprint of a Successful Speaker Business
    • Week 1 - What's in This Lesson
  • 3
    Week 2: How to Monetize Your Message
    • Week 2 - What's in This Lesson
  • 4
    Week 3: The Ease of Creating Products
    • Week 3 - What's in This Lesson
  • 5
    Week 4: Everything Marketing
    • Week 4 - What's in This Lesson
  • 6
    Week 5: What Makes a Successful Team
    • What's in This Lesson
  • 7
    • Websites & Links
    • Books

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your time and money is important. If you do not find value in the first class, you will receive a full refunded.

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  • Denise Hill; Instructor

    Denise Hill; Instructor

    Denise Hill is a 30-year veteran of the stage, radio, and media. As an accomplished speaker, she has taken to stages across America and abroad delivering captivating and powerful messages of hope, empowerment, and inspiration. She has shared the stage with and been mentored by such greats as Les Brown, Dr. Willie Jolley, Dr. Eric Thomas, Todd Speciale, and Johnny Wimbrey, Denise is ensured to bring energy, education, and motivation to your trainings and events. Denise Hill is an experienced speaker, coach,  corporate trainer, author, broadcaster, media specialist, entrepreneur, and communications educator. She has a decades long professional track record of helping corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals improve their public speaking, develop and execute their media and marketing strategies, grow their business, impact lives and generate revenue. Satisfied clients include Marquette University Bowie State University, Montgomery College, Union County College, Omnigroup, Radio One, Inc., My Promo Voice, The Les Brown Institute, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Connecticut School of Broadcasting, CTV, and Prince George's Community & others.