About Denise Hill

As one of inspiration’s most recognizable voices, Denise Hill is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and resource in media, education, and activist circles for creative, engaging, and effective presentations. What Denise provides is more than just entertainment. It is INNERtainment® that addresses individual, cultural, and national triumphs and tragedies and is designed to provoke thought, compel dialogue, and most importantly, foster change. Denise Hill has excelled in entertainment, media, and education for more than two decades. As a programmer, voice talent and consultant, Denise has helped establish and grow the inspiration format for Radio One, XM Satellite Radio, and Inner City Broadcasting. As The Comm Guru, she consults with and trains individuals, corporations, and organizations how to use the media to brand and market themselves, how to become a motivational speaker, as well as develop effective communications skills. As an actress, she has traveled the world guiding those traumatized by abuse, addiction, and hurt toward emotional and spiritual healing through her monologues and one-woman play, “A Woman and Her Well.” As an author and co-founder of the Sexy Moms Rock movement, Denise pulls from personal experiences with divorce, single-parenthood, depression, substance abuse and more, to help mothers and women, in general, to live full, complete, and purpose-filled lives. As one of the nation's best motivational speakers, she has compelled many, from world leaders to the everyday person, to change their circumstances. An instructor, Denise Hill has served in the nation’s top higher education institutions, trade schools, and community programs. She has taught media, communication and speech courses as well as transition adult-learners into high school graduates. Supporting the passionate in their life-long goals and inspiring people to reach their divine purpose is not a vocation for Denise, but a calling.