• Professional Development Facilitator

    Denise creates engaging learning environments packed with interactive activities and content specific to the needs of your corporation, school, or organization. Customizable trainings include Goal Setting, Achieving Classroom Success, 9 Principles of Greatness, Effective Workplace Communication, Communicate Your Way to Sales Success, and many more.

  • Personal Growth Expert & Life Coach

    Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, Denise brings inspiration, insight, applicable strategies, and engaging stories to every event, book, video, and personal encounter to educate, encourage, and empower audiences to design and live their best life. She specializes in helping individuals shift their perception from challenge to possibilities, transcend from goal getting to goal attainment, and overcome depression and toxic self-talk.

  • Motivational Speaker/Event Host

    A veteran of the stage, Denise has the ability to captivate, motivate, and empower any crowd. She effectively supports the goal of every promoter, event planner, or workshop facilitator to ensure an entertaining and efficient flow that creates a memorable experience.

  • Speaker & Communication Trainer

    Denise offers customizable training for corporations, educational and social organizations, and individual speakers on Powerful Presenting, Developing Your Message, Captivating Your Audience, Commanding the Stage, How to Effectively Use the Media, Basic Communication for Exceptional Relationships, Workplace Communication and more.

  • Corporate Sales Trainer

    Denise offers customizable, interactive, and engaging trainings designed to increase your sales force effectiveness, enhance your organizational communication, grow consumer relations, and develop top-notched customer service.

  • Performance Coach

    With her individual and small group coaching designed to help you focus on your goals, apply strategies to overcome any obstacle, and fortify a success mindset, you can learn to live purpose, grow your business, and become your best, most productive self. Perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Workshops & Professional Development

Build your team and grow your company, organization, or institution with customized, timely, and effective trainings and events.

Available workshops & trainings include (but not limited to): 

  • Goal-Setting & Goal-Getting
  • Effective Workplace Communication
  • Effective Leadership Communication 
  • Communicate Your Way to Sales Success
  • How to Present with Power
  • Rethinking Outreach for Nonprofit Success 
  • How to Use the Media to Promote Your Message & Build Your Brand
  • Overcoming Negative Self-Talk
  • The Power of Words
  • 10 Steps to a Happy Life
  • Building Effective Community Partnerships for ABE/ESL Organizations
  • Teaching Strategies that Get Gains from Adult Learners
  • The Language of Math: Teaching Literacy Through Numeracy

Keynote Speaker & Event Host

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Denise Helps Change Lives as a Coach/Trainer